Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006

SHELLSHOCK - Misdirection (Puke n Vomit)

THE MINGERS - I Cant Save the World cos Im a Middle Class White Girl (Go Down Fighting)
ACTS OF SEDITION - Language the Destroyer / Productive Cough (Spacement)
BLACK DONNELLYS - Good (Audio Fellatio)
THE HOLD - Criminal (Divorce)

YOUTH BRIGADE - Modest Proposal (BYO)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Slow Down (Revelation)
GORILLA BISCUITS - Start Today (Revelation)
PROFESSION ILL - ____ (Self-Released)

THE BAYONETTES - Dead End Kids (Art of the Underground)
VICE SQUAD - Saviour Machine (Anagram)
CONTRAVENE - Whose Nature Is It ? (Catchphraze)
NEON MANIACS - Zombie (Puke n Vomit)
BILL BONDSMEN - Down with the King (Acme)
THE NAZI DOGS - Chase the Man (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
GILBERT SWITZER - Freudian Slap (Divorce)

SCREECHING WEASEL - My Right (Lookout)
DESCENDENTS - In Love This Way (SST)
CRIMPSHRINE - Caught Up (Lookout)

WASTED NATION - No rules (Mad Core)
DISCIPLINE - Red and White Army (Insurgence)
THE DIFFS - Under the Knife (S.O.S.)
MARCHING ORDERS - Last Drinks (Self-Released)

GUNNAR HANSEN - Fuck Your Feelings (Audio Fellatio)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Government Warning (No Way)
DEAD MILKMEN - Punk Rock Girl (Fever)

EASPA MEASA - Vermin (Self-Released)
BAFABEGIYA - Loss of Fear (Spacement)
MONUMENTS TO RUIN - Preserve the Innocence (Catchphraze)
DREAD 101 - Velka Zranice (Self-Released)
BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE - Screaming in Fear (Distort Reality)
AGHAST - Chaos Neverending (Distort Reality)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Children Gone to Shadow (YellowDog)

KNUCKLE SCRAPER - Gulf Coast power violence / Swollen Finger (625 Productions)
KUNG FU RICK - Read Write Head (625 Productions)
SECRET 7 - An Engineered Variety Show (625 Productions)
LETS GROW - Useless Prayer (625 Productions)
ATOMGEVITTER - Backpackcore (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
PERMANENT TRIP - Coffee Break (Self-Released)
PERMANENT TRIP - Stazi (Self-Released)
PERMANENT TRIP - Rotten (Self-Released)
PERMANENT TRIP - Dregs (Self-Released)

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