Monday, June 27, 2005

Radio - Sunday, June 26, 2005

BUZZCOCKS - I Don't Know What to Do With My Life (I.R.S.)

MDC - My family is a Little Weird (R Radical)
BIG BOYS - Assault (Gern Blandsten)
CLITBOYS - Gay's Okay (Feedback)
GO! - A Day to Fight For (Forefront)
LIMP WRIST - The Ode (Control)
TAVE - Gasser Rundt (Audio Fellatio)
THE DICKS - No Nazi's Friend (Bootleg)

PEDESTRIANS - Why Kill What's Dead (Southkore)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE - Average American Psychopath (Urban Death Mission)
SKATE KORPSE - Skate Hospital (Art of the Underground)
UV RAYS - Don't Need Nobody (Razorblade)
REAL LOSERS - Brainwash City Again (Trick Knee)

The JANITORS - 4-Q (Une Vie Pour Rien Vinyles)
MOUTHGUARD - Spirit of '88 (Round 3)
LUTECE BORGIA - Choose (Lutèce Borgia)
REJECTED YOUTH - The Batcave (M.S.M. 1279)
WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES - All on the Outside (Self-Released)

FUN THINGS - (I Ain't Got) Time Enough for Love (Penniman)
THE VICTIMS - High School Girls (Bootleg)
NERVOUS EATERS - Get Stuffed (Penniman)
SHOCK - I Wanna Be Spoiled (Loupact)
THE NERVES - One Way Ticket (Penniman)

THE HUNCHES - Chainsawdomy (In The Red)
P-NISSARNA - Benzin (Massproduktion)
REGULATIONS - I Don't Need (Havoc)
KIROTTU - Isanmaanystavat (Panikkia)
DIRECT CONTROL - Cleptomaniac (Sorry State)
THE ACCUSED - Martha Splatter Head (Condar)
I SHOT CYRUS - Hey Loco (U.P.S.)

ELTON MOTELLO - Jet Boy Jet Girl (Lightning)
NUBS - Job (Businessman)
BAD POSTURE - Time for Smack (Irresponsible)
THE COMES - Panic (Bootleg)
INSANE - Why Die ? (Insane)

COCKROACH - Eyes Can't See (C.A.Z.)
SBV - If Lyrics are promises than we've all got some make-up sex coming (Parts Unknown)
DIE! - 7 Ply (Western Front)
DROP IT - Pot I Kettle (Western Front)
SAY GOODBYE - Quality Control (Western Front)
VOORHEES - Drug Cop (Hermit)
THE PROCESS - Picking up the Pieces (Burial)

Demo Feature
THE HOLD - Beleve (Self-Released)
THE HOLD - Serfdom (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Time to Die (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Human Instinct (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Kill Yourself (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Throw Down the Leader (Self Released)
THE HOLD - War on the Streets (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Coward (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Abuse (Self Released)
THE HOLD - Locked Out (Self Released)

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