Monday, June 13, 2005

Radio - Sunday, June 12, 2005

SHANK - Panoramas of Hell (Out of Limits)

BLOODY PHOENIX - Preyed On (625 Productions)
DOPPELGANGER - The Three R's of Hardcore (625 Productions)
THE AFTERMATH - Might As well Laugh (Firestarter)
QUILL - Track 15 split CD (625 Productions)
FUCKED UP - Generations (Slasher)
IRON LUNG - Prison Epidemic (Out of Limits)
CHARM - Last Track Side A (625 Productions)
CAREER SUICIDE - Lost on You (Slasher)
SAFE INSIDE - Flush the Toilet Already / Please go Die! (Black Matter)

GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS - Corporate Jobbers (River on Fire)

UPSTAB - Punch Police (Even Worse)
RUINERS - Music & Money (Non-Commercial)
SOLGER - I Hate It (Bag of Hammers)
DIRECT CONTROL - Pay Day (Kangaroo)

HUVUDTVATT - Hangd (Really Fast)
MORNINGTON CRESCENT - Possession (Scratched)
NITWITZ -Jet Set (Vogelspin)
S.I.B. - No One Rules (L.M.)
GOD'S HEART ATTACK - Ain't No Hooker (No Fun)

SMALLTOWN - Warning (Deranged)

WASTERS - Wasters (Distort Tapes)
THE OPPRESSED - Nazi Nightmare (Insurgence)
FIGHTING CHANCE - City of the Dead (Workers United)
RADIO BEATS - Time to Die (Big Neck)

LOKUM - Ghost / The Saw is the Law (Hjernespind)
KNUGEN FALLER - Adolf Hitler (Wasted Sounds)
BAGS - Survive (Dangerhouse)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - T.B.S.L. (Classic Bar Music)
FM KNIVES - 16 D.O.A. (Broken Rekids)

86 MENTALITY - On the Loose (Self-Released)
BRAIN HANDLE - Sentimental Men (Self-Released)
PROWL - Out of Our Minds (Live)
COMPLICATIONS - The Castle (Self-Released)

VIVISUK - Easy Target (Bacon Towne)
MISSBRUKARNA - Du A Inte Du (Massproducktion)
TAVE - Tit Stiv (Audio Fellatio)
WAR OF DESTRUCTION - Lob (Grand Theft Audio)
DISCLOSE - Life of Fear (Regurgitated Semen Records)
HIGH ON CRIME - No Time for Poetry (625 Productions)
KURSK - Fucked from Birth (Cal 3)

Demo Feature
WHICH SIDE ? - Intro (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - Breathe Deep and Hold (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - The New List (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - All or Nothing (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - No Longer Idle (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - Social Scene (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - What Remains (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - No Time (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - Red Stars, White Lies (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - I Need Some More (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - Information Scare (Break the Cycle)
WHICH SIDE ? - Death Consolidation (Break the Cycle)

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