Monday, April 18, 2005

Radio - Sunday April 17th, 2005

RATTUS - Sotahullatt (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)

NIGHTMARE - Dark Side (Hardcore kitchen)
DOOM - War machine (Pandora's Box)
DEFIANCE - Fall into Line (Dirty punk)
BLITZ - I don't need you (No future)
VIRUS - Undercover (Dirty punk)

GOVERNMENT WARNING - Track 6 (Direct Control)
DERANGED DICTION - Kill or be Killed (Schizophrenic)
GUDON - Dickey's (Bloodsucker)
BASTARD - Dear cops (Bloodsucker)
CLAY - Middle East Combat Area (Dogma)
EXISTENCH - Pointless (Riotous Assembly)
ROMANTIC GORILLA - Love Wrestler (Sound Pollution)
DESPISE YOU - High and Defenseless (Pessimizer)

REJECTED YOUTH - A threat again (MSM 1279)
DINGO - Don't be an upstart (T.S.O.R.)
LOWER CLASS BRATS - Walking into the fire (Dirty punk)
AGITATE - Bear up (Agitate)
ZONA - Utok na spku hitparady (Inflagranti)
SMALLTOWN - Warning (Deranged)
THE KILLING FLAME - Mirror in the bathroom (S.O.A.)

MODERN WARFARE - Suburban Death row (CDR)
WHITE TRASH - Ronnie Raygun (CDR)
BAD POSTURE - (Grand Theft Audio)
SHAM 69 - Red London (Captain Oi!)
RAMONES - Bad Brain (Sire)

GUITAR GANGSTERS - Going to London (Captain Oi!)
EMERGENCY - Idol Generation (Step 1)
THE STRAPS - Brixton (Captain Oi!)
AMDE PETERSENS ARME - Igg Ikken (Lengua Armada)
THE VIOLATORS - Live fast die young (Captain Oi!)
RAWHYPNOLS - Here comes the drug train

FUCK ON THE BEACH - Never no skin fuck (Deep Six)
NOOTHGRUSH - Crawl (Reservoir)
RUIDO - 6 Flags (Sound Pollution)
GASP - Planet of the Apes (Deep Six)

ADOLESCENTS - We rule and You don't (Frontier)
KIM FOWLEY - Animal Man (Rhino)
ELVIS COSTELLO - No Action (Rykodisc)
WIPERS - Don't it hurt? (Park Avenue)

ANTIGAMA - try (Selfmadegod)
FUERZA-X - Punk es mi vida (Lengua Armada)
NON FICTION NOIS - Plane Crash (Southkore)
LOS CRUDOS - Lo que Quermos (Lengua Armada)

Demo Feature
TONE DEAF - 50 Meters (Self-Released)
TONE DEAF - Curse of thumb (Self-Released)
TONE DEAF - Adore (Self-Released)
TONE DEAF - Don't stop (Self-Released)
TONE DEAF - Stagnant (Self-Released)

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