Monday, February 28, 2005

Radio - Sunday, February 27, 2005

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Doesn't Make it Alright (Chryalis)

CAUSTIC CHRIST - Sadist Society (Havoc)
ESKE - Terrified (Southkore)
ASS END OFFEND - Transmitting a reaction (Poisoned Candy)
PILGER - Fuse (Peter Bauer)
INTENT - Impossible Decision (Intent)

BAD BRAINS - Attitude (Roir)
DOA - I Don't Give a Shit (Sudden Death)
THE LEWD - Mobile Home (Bootleg)
GENETIC CONTROL - Suburban Life (Psyche Industry)
JERRY'S KIDS - Build Me a Bomb (Reflex)
FUCKED UP - Ban Violins (Slasher)

RYTHIMHAIRIO - Saatana on Herra (Ronotoutto)
SEWN SHUT - Charred Remains (Self Made God)
NOISECORE FREAKS - kill 101, Crash Course (Deadsix)
MAGRUDERGRIND - (Punks Before Profits)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Bitter / You'll Forget Me (Out of Limits)
DESTRUX - Hoggie's Lament (Punks Before Profits)
NATION OF FINKS - Bo De Duyen / Zero to Sixty in 21 (Out of Limits)
SHACKLED DOWN - Fight with Sorrow (Self Made God)

WEIRDOS - Message from the Underworld (Frontier)
SEPTIC DEATH - Unprotected Games (Pusmort)
THE HOLD - Time to Die (Divorce)
NUNFUCKERS - My Mom and Dad (Self-Released)
GET IT AWAY - Malt Liquor Bullshit (Third Party)

THE MARKED MEN - Don't Lose it (Dirtnap)
SCREECHING WEASEL - Ashtray (Lookout)
FAILURE FACE - Darwin (Ebullition)
HOLIER THAN THOU - Hopeless (Six Weeks)

SHIVVERS - Teen Line (Bootleg)
the DIODES - Behind Those Eyes (CBS)
the NUMBERS - Sideways Elevator (Basement)
METROS - In with the Crowd (Friends Hot Wax)
DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS - Can't stand the Midwest (Bootleg)

THE K-TELS - I Hate Music (Sudden Death)
DOWN AND OUTS - We're Down and Out (Dead and Gone)
BONECRUSHER - Contamination (Knock Out)
THE DETONATORS - Cruisin' (Redrum)

FAST CARS - Everday I Make Another Mistake (Detour)
RUDI - Time to Be Proud (Redrum)
DROPKICK MURPHYS - Rocky Road to Dublin (Hellcat)
BLOOD OR WHISKEY - Poxy Pub (Punk-Core)
SAINT BUSHMILL'S CHOIR - Greenland Whale Fisheries (Profane Existence)

RUINED BY REASON - Jesus Kills (Barracuda)
MISCONDUCT - Follw the Path (Union)
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. - Downhill Jam (Hit the Decks)
ANN BERETTA - New Revolution (Union)

NO DICE - No Time to Waste (Self-Released)
NO DICE - 30 Years too Late (Self-Released)
NO DICE - Mine Alone (Self-Released)
NO DICE - No Dice! (Self-Released)

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