Monday, February 14, 2005

Radio - Sunday February 13, 2005

NO SLOGAN – Arm the Victims Now (Southkore)

BLOOD I BLEED – Paper Cuts (Podruido)
THREATENER – Meth Crawl / Nothing Stranger (625 Productions)
RUNNING FOR COVER – Bricriu / Yoke (Out of Limits)
HUGE LIZARD – Four Years and Still Fucked Up (Self-Released)
CHUCK NORRIS – Pick Up Your Skate (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. – Come on Everybody Grab Your Skate Let’s Go / Corey Webster (Hit the Deck)
MORTAL COMBAT – The Streets (Self-Released)
DEATH TOKEN – Self-Infliction (Splid af Vinyl)

LOST SOUNDS – I Sit I Watch I Wait (In the Red)
TYRADES – Dance Like a Maniac (Broken Rekids)
CARBONAS – Push Me (Die Slaughterhouse)
REATARDS – Teenage Hate (Empty)
TEEN CRUD COMBO – Days of Yore (Deranged)
JET BOYS – You are Lukewarm, more Blitzkrieg Bop (Demolition Derby)

TARPIT – The Cycle (Collapse)
LITTLE RASCALS – Rascal Crew (Collapse)
GET REAL – Cutting Loose (17 cm)
YOUTH OF TODAY – A Time We’ll Remember (Caroline)
JUDGE – Warriors (Revelation)
URBAN BLIGHT – Quit (Self-Released)

FURY OF A THOUSAND ZEUSES – Ludicrous Speed (Dingus)
HOLY SHIT – Social Suicide (Self-Released)
THE GATECRASHERS – Kyukusha O Yonde Kadasai (Moshstache)
DEAN DIRG – Rock’s the Drug (Jugend Band)
THE DIVIDED LINES – Bye Bye Birdie So Long! (Know)

PAGANS – Dead End America (Crypt)
THE MODERNETTES – Celebrity Crack Up (Zulu)
THE DEMICS – The News (Linus)
BUZZCOCKS – Breakdown (Mute)

FUCKED UP – Generation (Slasher)
NEW BOMB TURKS – Tattooed Apathetic Boys (Crypt)
TEEN CRUD COMBO – Wash dish (Black Lung)
JED WHITEY – We Used Your Record as a Beer Coaster (Busted Heads)
THE OBSERVERS – State of Decay (Vinyl Warning)
FEEDERZ – Have you Never Been Mellow ? (Broken Rekids)
FEAR – Fuck Christmas (Slash)

LECSA-PUNK – Mienk A Fajdalom (Maloka)
ACCUSED – Buried Alive (Sub-Core)
APOCALYPTIC CHRIST – Bomb the World (Less Art)
DESTRCUTION’S END – No One’s Safe (Mike Fitzgerald’s Records)
DFA – Chad (Flowerviolence)
R.K.L. – Why? / Tell me the Truth (Mystic)
HATED PRINCIPLES – Cops from Hell (Gothic Gospel)
DEATH OF THE SUN – Just Now (Devour)
NO DICE – No Dice (Self-Released)

EASIES – Circle (Self-Released)
EASIES – Yungalism (Self-Released)
EASIES – Gutu-Gutu (Self-Released)
EASIES – Killer (Self-Released)
SIDE OF STRENGTH – Track 1 (Self-Released)
UNDER PRESSURE – Gospelfuckers (Podruido)

THE POLIDICKS – Anyway (Wounded Paw)

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