Monday, August 19, 2002

Head Hits Concrete "Hope, Fear, and the Terror of Dreams" ep

Head Hits Concrete were from Winnipeg. They wrote some heavy metal inspired crust that was short in length and political in nature. This was recorded by Chris Hannah of Propogandhi and the design was assisted by Jason Penner of Under Pressure. This ep came out on Intolerant Messiah out of California and featured the following songs:
1. Apparatus
2. "Dead Children", he laughed
3. Dear Penthouse Letters
4. Fucking Stinking Pile of Shit
5. Disgraceland
6. Nature's Expression
7. The Practical Impossibility of Denying Emotions
8. ...of the Divide
9. Stabbed at Six, News at Eleven
10. The New Old Fucking Idiot

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