Sunday, June 9, 2002

Tijuana Bibles "Siesta Fiesta! " ep

A brand new 3- song self- released ep by this local surf- garage quintet of scene veterans. The ep opener is a humourous back and forth between the Crippler and Super Destroyer set to the bouncey blues bottom end of Blue Demon. It's a fun lo-fi carefree number "Jet Pack" is an instrumental with the Felina Negra's organs taking the lead. The song has all the creepy eerieness of an Ed Wood monster movie space flick. It is airy and casio-like with all the trappings of a K-Mart Hallowe'en soundtrack In this song the guitars and bass work much better for a tough working man's surf sound. "Sleep Mask" rolls along like tumbleweed in a Spaghetti western. It has the air to it of siesta right before a Mexican shoot out. Fans of SHADOWY MEN FROM A SHADOWY PLANET will dig the Bibles, but prepared for a little more darker, creepy sound to your Mexican surf. (Trophy Records / PO. Box 477, Station C / Toronto, ON / M6J 3P5 / Canada). The songs on here are:

1. Not Here to Fight
2. Jet Pack
3. Sleep Mask

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