Sunday, June 30, 2002

Simply Saucer "Cyborgs Revisted" CD

This was a CD issue of the infamous "Cyborgs Revisted" LP that was recorded at Bob and Daniel Lanois's home studio on July 14th and 15th, 1974, making it the first recording of a band associated with the punk scene. Sonic Unyon was responsible for the re-issue. These songs are:

1. Instant Pleasure
2. Electro Rock
3. Nazi Apocalypse
4. Mole Machine
5. Bullet Proof Nothing
6. Here Come the Cyborgs (Part 1)
7. Here Come the Cyborgs (Part 2)

The interesting thing about this record was that it contained two live songs recorded at Jackson Square. These songs were:

8. Dance the Mutation
9. Illegal Bodies
The CD re-issue also contains bonus material made up from three different sources. The first batch are from a rehearsal tape recorded by Edgar's brother Paul onto cassette on October 16th, 1977. These songs are:

10. Low Profile
11. Little Sally
12. Get My Thrills
13. I Take It
The second batch of stuff is a live recording at the Hamilton YWCA on January 8th, 1978. These songs are:

14. Yes I Do
15. Bullet Proof Nothing
16. Now's the Time for the Party
The last two songs were the sing released by their manager Gary Pig Gold and are:

17. I Can Change My Mind
18. She's A Dog

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