Tuesday, October 23, 2001

No Warning CD

A collection of the band's demo and an ep, that came out earlier on Martyr, with some work done to the production. NO WARNING have slowed their sound from the AS WE ONCE WERE days, sacrificing speed and energy for heavy moshability. I am less inspired to write about this band given some of the grade 2 homophobic comments that have been coming out on their message board as well as at their live shows. On top of this, I have heard about a white power band that these guys have started. Add this to their actions at an AGNOSTIC FRONT show where they singled out this Asian kid who was trying to help their band and you start getting some ugly shit. It's a sad reflection on the scene, where kids have jumped on an old anti PC, backlash for a quick fix at some scene cred. Bigotry, in gest and especially on a serious level, has never been part of a hardcore scene that I have known. It is even more disheartening to me as I have interviewed these kids for MRR, written about their releases, and I have played them on the radio show, to find that they have grown into radical versions of the establishment.

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