Saturday, October 13, 2001

Gojira "Don't Fear the Cookie Monster" ep

Gojira were a power violence band that took their inspiration from Spazz and Infest and the like. Noah, the original bass player in Career Suicide had this band with his younger brother Simon and they lived in the Davisville and Mount Pleasant area. Noah self-released this ep on his own label Soap Dodger Productions. Songs on the ep are:

1. You're Dead
2. Hey Ewin/Simon - Look what record I got!" "Yeah, that's a good record, but it sucks compared to their earlier stuff!"
3. Strife are Dead
4. Interracial Vampire Catfight
5. Mousemate
6. Snortin' Blow
7. Press Conference at the All Star Cafe
8. Dark Lord
9. Too Extreme
10. I Love Balloons
11. Fighting Violence with Violence (blood stains the ice)

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