Thursday, October 5, 2000

Wadge / Needful Things split ep

Wadge are a band based around Paul Pfeiffer who has been making these one man bands since forever. He pulls in various friends and scenesters to do vocals, but he plays all the other instruments on these releases. He is a drummer initially but has learned how to play everything else along the way. And when I say he can drum, he can totally drum. This is a split with Needful Things who are from the Czech Republic. Wadge give us five tracks of burning blastbeat grind. The lyric sheet is done in Greek and is like an ode to Agothocles. This record is limited to a pressing of 400 copies. This is released by Bussiness as Usual records c/o Honza Matous / Na Strazi 25 / 180 00 Prague 8 / Czech Republic)

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