Saturday, November 21, 1998

As One "No Less an Authority" CD

As One was a four piece from the west end of downtown Toronto. The band featured Jesse Parker on vocals, his younger brother Robert who played bass, and James Morten who played drums. The band was originally called BSE. BSE were originally a pop punk type of band. Jonah joined after they played a set at their high school which consisted of punk covers. They started listening to bands like Warzone, Strife, and Hatebreed and changed their name to As One.

The band started in late 1998 and the CD came out around then. The CD was titled “No Less an Authority” and the songs on the CD were:

1. Tolerance not indulgence
2. It’s Time
3. Caught in the crosshairs
4. United worldwide (Warzone)

As One were 3/4s straight edge but they didn’t promote that.

As One recorded a second time in the Winter of 1999 which initially was put out as a demo titled “So What if I’m a Fucking demo”. This demo was put out as the Scare Tactic 7” that came out on Solomon Method Records. So the band changed their name once again.

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