Sunday, October 20, 2019

Radio - Sunday, October 20th, 2019

In the beginning of the "Notes from behind the iron Curtain" series I never thought we would do a show on the Russian scene. Alexander Herbert, author of "What About Tomorrow: An Oral History on Russian Punk" was in town at the end of September and pulled together this show based on his years of figuring out what he could on the Russian punk scene. Alex talks about Distemper and this important moment where they confront nazis on Russian radio so I added them as an opening song. Here is a download for the show.

DISTEMPER - Я Умираю Для Тебя (East Beat Records)

RICOCHET - Dniam Derzko Ukradennym u Smerti

First wave of the Leningrad scene
OB’EKT NASMESHEK - Epok dlia nas

Early Moscow scene

SOLOMENNYE ENOLY - Vrag svoego naroda
TARAKANY - Na poezd v storonu arbatskol
NAIV - Tanki Panki (Maximumrocknroll / Feelee)

More contemporary St. Petersburg scene
KOROL I SHUT - Prokaznik Skomorokh
VIBRATOR - Gol’bon
ANKYLYM - Zhaby Mosh (Stauropygial / Sharapov Sound System / No Bread!)

Moscow revisited
DOTTIE DANGER - Verolom (Self-Released)

MRAZ’ - Emigratsiia (Self-Released)

Provincial punk in Russia
POSPISH POTOM - Menia dostalo slova pank (Self-Released)
IANKA DIAGLEVA - Otbol’shogo Uma
MINEFIELD - Vzaperti (Self-Released)

STRESSHOLD - Antisocial (Garage Karma Store)

"What About Tomorrow" can be picked up through Microcosm Publishing. Alex also self publishes a zine called "Punks Around" and he has issues on women in punk, veganism, and other topics. He has published his eight issue. Thanks to Ian Wilkinson for recording the talk at Another Story Bookshop. That interview is here in two parts. Part 1 and Part 2.

Tonight's demo feature is a newer grind core band from Toronto featuring You can find their latest recordings on bandcamp. This is their demo from last year called "Stimulated bu Subservience".

BLEEDING OUT – One Dead Cop (Self-Released)
BLEEDING OUT – The World Ends Everyday (Self-Released)
BLEEDING OUT – Suppression Mentality (Self-Released)
BLEEDING OUT – One in a Million (Self-Released)
BLEEDING OUT – Floating Crypt (Self-Released)
BLEEDING OUT – Stimulated by Subservience (Self-Released)
BLEEDING OUT – Someone Else’s Skin (Self-Released)

KREMLIN – Leave Nothing Alone (CIUT)

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