Sunday, March 31, 2019

Radio - Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Tomorrow is April 1st, but this is no joke. Pot will be legal and Discarded have a song about it. Download the show here.

THE DISCARDED - I Like To Get High (Rock Bottom)

Generation Annhilation reported the passing of Bill “Zippy Pinhead” Chobator on March 13th. He played drums in the STIFFS and VICTORIAN PORK who were the Vancouver band that wrote and recorded “Fuck You” later known as a SUBHUMANS and DOA song. They also wrote “Oh Canaduh”. Both songs can be heard on their post humous release on Supreme Echo.

THE STIFFS – Homesick (Supreme Echo)
VICTORIAN PORK - I Don't Give A Shit
NOMEANSNO – Victoria (Wrong)
RUBY KARINTO - Fox's Wedding (Self-Released)

On Tuesday Rankin’ Roger passed away/ the English Beat were my favourite of the ska revival bands. Saw them every chance i could. There was no one like them and in recent years Roger had gotten the band back together and they just released their second album called “Public Confidential” which is a real return to form but sadly Roger’s swan song. Here are some songs to remember him by.

THE ENGLISH BEAT – Jackpot (Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Rankin’ Full Stop (Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Spar Wid Me(Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT –Twist and Crawl (Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Rough Rider (Go Feet)

Check out the feature on last week’s Bassment Sessions for some other not released material.

CYBERPLASM - United in Terror (Fuckers Will Pay)
PISSE - Heiratsschwindler (Phantom)
ALIEN BOYS - A Minute of your Time (Desolate)
LOW EBB - I Hate Cake (Kids of the Lunghole)
SCRAP BRAIN – Machine War (Self-Released)

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET – Stupid Song (Fat Wreck Chords)
SUICIDE GENERATION – Trash Talk (Dirty Water)
WIREHEAD - Lower Your Gaze (Slow Death)
SPANNER – Impossible (Maloka / Rebel Time / Blind Destruction / La France Pue / Mass Productions)
LES FRAPPES - En France (Self-Released)

PROTEIN - Give it up (Refuse
PAIN STRIKES - Blizzard of '06 (Safe Inside)
KIND! – Kind! (Wide Eyed Noise)
SLAPSHOT - Edge Break Your Face (Bridge Nine)
PRESSURE PACT - No Hope (Humanimal / Barnyard Boogie)

SNAKE TONGUE – Derailed (Self-Released)
MINORITY THREAT - Old Glory (The Fah-Q Catalogue)
DEADWITCH – Void (Lost State)
WASTE - Last One Standing (Moral Panic)
YURI - Wonder #9 (Adomo)

DIRTY WOMBS - Accursed to Overcome (SPHC)
SINISTER PURPOSE - Fire in the Hole (Vinyl Conflict)
THE COMPLICATORS - Big Problems (Pirates Press)
EMPIRE DOWN - Always Down, Never Out (Pirates Press)
BAD RELIGION - The Kids are Alt-Right (Epitaph)

LOESCHEN – Knecht (Rinderherz / Abfall)
PERSONALITY CULT – Motivation (Drunken Sailor)
DEATH LOTTERY - Wolf's Bud (Freetime Boyz Entertainment Worldwide)
STREET DOGS - We All Fall Apart (Pirates Press)
TERRITORIES - Numb Somehow (Pirates Press)

Tonight`s demo feature was a tour tape that Cell released last year. you can find this on their bandcamp page. 

CELL – Limit (Self-Released)
CELL – Crawl (Self-Released)
CELL – Disgust (Self-Released)

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