Sunday, December 18, 2016

Radio - Sunday, December 18th, 2016

VCR broke up this week so we started off the show with them. The first set is made up of local bands that have been playing out in the last little bit. You can download the show here.

VCR - VCR (Kills A Cop)

THE FALLOUT - A Shot Rings Out (Insurgence) 
MAKE NO GAINS – Noose (Self-Released)
THE VAPIDS - Second Time Around (Surfing’ Ki)
CAREER SUICIDE - Kill the Warden (Self-Released)
CONMAN - Straight Shot (Self-Released)

FUCKHAWK – I Hate the Kids (Self-Released)
LEGAL WEAPON – Death of Innocence (Arsenal)
PSEUDO – Albatross (Self-Released)
COLOR TV – Meat Wagon (Deranged)
FUN THINGS – Lipstick (Shock/ Savage Beat)

Best Re-Issues of December 2016
VICIOUS CIRCLE “Circle of the Doomed” ep - Police Brutality (Not Like You)
DEZERTER “Ku Przyszlosci” ep - Wojna Glupcow (Antena Krcyku)
THE VARUKERS “Led to the Slaughter” - The End is Nigh (Havoc)
LAST RITES “Fascism Means War” ep - The Dreams of Many – Glasgow (Loud Punk)
EXTERNAL MENACE “The Process of Elimination” - Standin' on the U.K. (Loud Punk)
EMILS “Demo ’87” ep – Gerechtigkeit (Power It Up)
POISON GIRLS “Where’s the Pleasure” LP - Lovers Are They Worth It (Water Wing)

BLAHA! - It's Christmas Time (and I have nothikng left to lose) (Slovenly)
THE DARTS – Revolution (Dirty Water)
THE CONNECTION – Bad to Worse (Rumbar)
BIG BROTHER – Scrap City (Self-Released)
SPECTRES – 16 Years (Deranged)

Top 10 – December 2016
10. WHIPWORM – Anxiety (Self-Released)
9. WOUND MAN “Rolled” ep – CB100 (Iron Lung)
8. X45 Demo - Untitled (Self-Released)
7. DAUDYFLIN “Drepa Drepa” ep – Rusi (Erste Theke Tontr臠er)
6. SEA OF SHIT “Servitude” ep – Reversion (Nerve Altar)
5. BUSTED OUTLOOK “Not Defined by Violence” LP – Self-Surrender (Refuse)
4. PANDEMIX - Never Believed / Conceptual Fuck (Self-Released)
3. SEX DWARF “Non Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret” - Krigslust (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
2. FASHIONISM “Subculture Suicide” ep - Nun of That (Dirt Cult)
1. MIND TRAP “Life Among Liars and Thieves” - Tunnel Vision (Brain Abuse)

X – White Girl (Slash)
THE DIRTBOMBS - 21st Century Fox (In The Red)
THE BOOMTOWN RATS – She's So Modern (Ensign)

Remwar played Faith/Void opening for Vile Intent. They were also from Montreal and I thought I would feature them in tonight's demo feature. They demo is found on their bandcamp page. 

REMWAR - Secret Police (Self-Released)
REMWAR – Raid (Self-Released)
REMWAR – Funeral Dream (Self-Released)
REMWAR – Hit That (Self-Released)
REMWAR – Please (Self-Released)

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