Monday, February 19, 2007

Radio: Sunday, February 18, 2007

SOUND CITY HOOLIGANS - Rumble (Longshot)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Frenzied Hacking of Swords (Hardcore Holocaust)
BROKEN BONES - Advertisements from Hell (Dr. Strange)
DISCHARGE - the Blood of the Innocent (Thunk)
BLITZ - Someone's Gonna Die (Captain Oi!)
CHELSEA - Bad Advice (TKO)

NO EVACUATIONS - Midnight Angel (HG Fact)
BALLAST - Dead Words (Trujaca Fala)
FUERZA DE LUCHA - Cadenas (Dias de Juventud)
POINTING FINGER - Best Left Alone (Goodwill)
FIGHT FOR CHANGE - Greedy Lies and Filthy Games (Commitment)
SECOND COMBAT - Striving to Deny You (Commitment)

HOLLYWOOD GODS - Fight for You (Longshot)
THE CRACKDOWN - These Streets (Longshot)
THE SHOCKS - Humanabfall aus Bonn (Dirty Faces)
HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR - Condemned to Rock (Longshot)
SEX PISTOLS - Pretty Vacant (Warner Brothers)
ECO DAMNED - Borstal Breakout (HG Fact)

JABARA - Game ? (HG Fact)
MORTAL COMBAT - Distorted Youth (Thrash Steady Syndicate)
LIP CREAM - Top Fight (Terror Shocks)
THE RATS - Keep away (Thrashbastard)
THE SHINING - Farce (Pick Up)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Indiferencia (Thought Crime)

M.F.D. - Don't Touch Me (D.S.I.)
THE THREATS - Rotten (Dr. Strange)
UNDER PRESSURE - One in One (Primitive Air Raid)
THE LEFT - Stop (Bona Fide)
999 - You Can't Buy Me (Captain Oi!)
POINTED STICKS - Somebody's Mom (Sudden Death)
THE MODERNETTES - Celebrity Crackup (Sudden Death)

FUCK THIS - Lines Crossed (Punks Before Profits)
DEFECT DEFECT - Little Ways (Clarence Thomas)
ADA MAX - Dance on Your Grave (MCR Company)
BOB BURNS AND THE BREAKUPS - Hydrostatic Heart (Plastic Idol)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART - Planning My Escape (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Sans Equity (Criminal I.Q.)
STEP ON IT - Slayers from Goethenburg (Moshpit Tragedy)
SUNPOWER - State of Fear (Peter Bowers)
ACID REFLUX - Customers Fuck Off (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
HOST AND PARASITE - Curse for the Sandman (Self-Released)
HOST AND PARASITE - True to Life Berzerker (Self-Released)
HOST AND PARASITE - Presbyterian (Self-Released)
HOST AND PARASITE - A Page from the Diary of a Man Mid-Breakdown (Self-Released)
VALSE TRISTE - Takuukorjaus (If Society)

FOR THE WORSE - Square Peg Round Hole (Bridge Nine)

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