Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday, January 22, 2006

AVERSIONS - Black Alibi (Die In Style)

BUZZCOCKS - Love You More (EMI)
BRIEFS - Outer Space Dont Care (BYO)
WARSAW - They Walked In Line (MPG)
TRISTESS - Problem (Wasted Sounds)
CAREER SUICIDE - Theres Something Wrong With You (Deranged)

IVY GREEN - Sex On The Radio (Pogo)
SAINTS - Run Down (Fan Club)
SWELL MAPS - Harmony In Your Bathroom (Munster)
HAWKWIND - You Better Believe It (United Artists)

REPOS - Certified Cult Band (Youth Attack)
THEY LIVE - Time Loss Incident (independent)
NEANDERTHAL - Fluids (Vermiform)
URBAN BLIGHT - Urban Blight (Deranged)
TERMINAL STATE - Panic Attack (Hate the 80s)
FUCKED UP - Generation (Slasher)

FANG - Youre Cracked (Boner)
WASTED TIME - No Mans Tool (Grave Mistake)
BASTARDS - Lord Taketh, Lord Giveth (Honnie)
ARRIGT ANTRAEK - Keder Mig (Hjernspind)

LOST SOUNDS - Blackcoats/Whitefear (Empty)
NEON BOYS - Thats All I Know (bootleg)
BLUE PETER - Living In the 80s (Ready)
REIGNING SOUND - Your Love Is a Fine Thing (In the Red)

REATARDS - Breakdown (Empty)
TOKYO ELECTRON - Theyll Come For You (Empty)
OUTCASTS - The Cops Are Comin (Anagram)
PERSUADERS - Heart of Chrome (Savage)
TOXIN III - Again (Rave Up)

Guest Host: Mark Baille plays records from Spain
EKKAIA - Too Late to Apologize (Cruda Realidad)
DERROTA - Cotidiano Y Commun (independent)
HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD - Vuestro Poder, Vuestro Intres (Trabuc)
HORROR - Horror (Minnesa Mutant)
ANDANADA 7 - Hijos De Puya (Duros Sentimientos)
PANADERIA BNSDK - Ven Y Unete A La Muerte (Radikal 1977)
TDK - Israel (Radikal 1977)
HERTZAINAK - Egunero (Oihuka)
PROYECTO KORRADHMUS - El Senor Esta Contigo (Working Class)

UNDER PRESSURE - Gods and Masters (Primitive Air Raid)
CCSS - Realize (Ugly Pop)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Parades (Dead Alive)
VICTIMS - I Understand (bootleg)
OBSERVERS - Walk Alone (Johnny Cat)

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