Monday, May 9, 2005

Radio - Sunday May 8th, 2005

FIGHTING CHANCE - Bullets (Insurgence)

THE OPPRESSED - A.C.A.B. (Insurgence)
THE DRIVE INS - Paranoia (Dirty Punk)
CIDER BREAKFAST - Father and Bones (Dirty Punk)
NEOPHYTE - My Generation (Dirty Punk)
BROKEN BONES - Systematic Abuse (Dr. Strange)

AGENT ORANGE - Your mother sucks cocks in hell (Kangaroo)
YDI - I killed my family (Red Records)
UNITED MUTATION - Fugitive Family / Plain Truth (Wortld's Finest Hardcore)
UNDERTONES - Family entertainment (Sire)
RAMONES - We're a happy family (Sire)

SOLID GROUND - Should have known better (Vendetta)
VOORHEES - We can't be shared (Hermit)
SOLDIER DOLLS - Rising crime (Self-Released)
SKATE FAST AND DIE - Skate fast and Die (Self-Released)
UPSTAB - Punch Police (Even Worse)
WAR OF DESTRUCTION - Isolation (Grand Theft Audio)
THE NERVES - An eye for an eye (Scarey)

TOM AND THE BOOT BOYS - Fuck them all shit (Pogo 77)
THE ERECTIONS - Crazy Oi! (Pogo 77)
ORDER - Senseless Problems (Pogo 77)
THE GENBAKU ONANIES - Fuck all (Anal Fire Wolf)
THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS - Wasted Youth (Hardcore Kitchen)

UGLY - Stranded (Explosion)
SWINDLED - Hymn #84 (Self-Released)
BLACK DONNELLYS - Anything and Everything (Audio Fellatio)

DESPISTADO - Plans (Jade Tree)
I SPOKE - The ideology of the cancer cell (TCI)
EVIL ROBOT US - Anti-Product (Self-Released)
CAPITAL DEATH - A boy and his lawnmower (CIUT)
ONE MAN NATION - Cynacism killed the idealist
Demo Feature
POSER DISPOSER - Dis-gusting bird holocaust (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Cutlass (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Better than TV (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Seagulls (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Rollin' and Controllin' (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Drugs win drug war (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - 27 (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Dishwasher (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Shitty deal (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Kalabarasinn (Self-Released)
POSER DISPOSER - Waiting to Inhale (Self-Released)

THE PROCESS - Kino Kill 33 (Burial)
BATTLE ROYALE - Gegner ich (Vendetta)
NEVER ENOUGH - Our younger selves (Vendetta)

PANTY CHRIST - Father's Day (Self-Released)

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