Monday, March 7, 2005

Radio - Sunday, March 6, 2005

DISCUNT - Take it Back (Self-Released)

LEAD II NITRATE - Paramount (Life on the Edge)
NON FIKTION NOIS - Don't Glamourize (Southkore)
UNDER ATTACK - Go Deal With It (Self-Released)
TRAS DE NADA - Abre Los Ojos (Southkore)
DOMESTIK DOKTRIN - Lower Class Blues (Self-Released)
OPOSAN BAMBSAT - You're Not my Sis or Bro, You're My Human Infection (Life on the Edge)
YOUTHFUL REVENGE - The Scene is Immortailty Forever (Self-Released)
CAPITAL DEATH - Justified (Punks Before Profits)

KAJUN SS - German Kajun (Shattered)
FINAL SOLUTIONS - Eye Don't Like You (Shit Sandwich)
HEART ATTACKS - Heart Attack (Self-Released)
FEELERS - Zombie (Contaminated)
KAMIKAZAS - All Night Cram Session (Zaxxon Virile Action)
CATHOLIC BOYS - I Got a Right (Big Neck)

DISCUNT - Dance or Drop Out (CIUT)

DISCUNT - What Gives You the Right? (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Renee's Day (CIUT)
DISCUNT - My Keeper's Leaking (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Boycott Junctions (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Take It Back! (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Let's Start Right Here (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Girls Up Front (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Kick in the Cunt (Self-Released)
DISCUNT - Interview (CIUT)
DISCUNT - Renee's Day (Self-Released)

I ATTACK - Freedom (Southkore)
COSMIK GOBLIN - Exhumation (Stay Free Underground)
MASSGRAV - Napalm Over Storeplan (Sound Pollution)
HELLSISTER - Dis Song (Tribal War)
REACCION - Confrontar (Southkore)

RANDOMS - Let's Get Rid of NY (Dangerhouse)
DETONATIONS - TV Has Eyes (Big Neck)
FITTS - Contaminated (Big Neck)
TEENAGE HEAD - Tearin' Me Apart (Other People's Music)

XFILESX - Longboards are the Wrong Boards (Room 101)
14 OR FIGHT - Opportunities Truncheon (Lengua Armada)
VIOLENT MINDS - Hit List (Town of Hardcore)
ARMAGEDDON CLOCK - Slaves of the Flag (Morbid Production)
DISGRUNTLED - The Journey (Riot Nerd Coalition)
CUT THE SHIT - Marked for Life (Gloom)
REAGAN SS - Karwia (Coalition)

FIRED UP - Time Heals (Self-Released)
FIRED UP - A New Start (Self-Released)
FIRED UP - Forget It (Self-Released)
FIRED UP - Spit Hot Fire (Self-Released)
FIRED UP - No Promises (Self-Released)
FIRED UP - From the Heart (Self-Released)

THE GEEKS - What We Believe (Kawaii)
JUSTICE - Some People (Dead and Gone)
MAKING SENSE - Proof (Kawaii)
ANTI-JUSTICE - Escape (Fox)
FOUR LETTER WORD - Crisis of Faith (Newest Industry)

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