Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Haymaker “Lost Tribe” 7”

So the story around this record seems to vary. Some report is was for an ill fated split 7”, others call it a demo for the upcoming LP some of these tracks are destined for the Hammer Compilation. Regardless of the origins of these tracks, this record serves a more important function. This 7” is a commemorative record for Phil who sadly passed away last November. HAYMAKER is back to a five-piece destruction unit with the addition of Little Jeff on second guitar. Big Jeff sounds as pissed off as ever and the rougher recording style adds to the bands destructive charm. Listening to this will never replace the chaos of a live show but after listening to “U.S. War Machine” I certainly wanted to throw bottles around. This is a great release that captures the hate and anger that is HAYMAKER. Write to little Jeff for a copy and support Bored to Death Records and the band. (Jeff / 58 Markson Cres. / Hamilton, ON / L8T 4W4 / Canada / fasttimes_666@hotmail.com / www.boredtodeathrecords.cjb.net). The songs on here are:
1. Please give us a good review
2. There is no out
3. Fight in the Pit
4. U.S. War machine
5. Holy War Idiot
6. Another friend to the end

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