Monday, March 1, 2004

Legion666 / Sick Terror LP

SICK TERROR from Brazil get things rolling with a get-up-and-go style early American sounding hardcore not unlike OUT COLD. Their lyrics are ajarring look at the underbelly of third world living with songs like "Your Funeral will be our party" and "Still Slaves", They throw in lots of covers paying homage to OLHO SECO, PERSONAL CHOICE, and NO FOR AN ANSWER to name a few. Upon listening to the wliole side the mix of speed, sometimes at blinding speeds, left me with a VITAMIN X feel. It's incredible, LEGION666 drop some more of their brooding style metal-core. The overall sound is a little flatter and thinner sounding than "Kiss the Goat", Songs have better edits and mix together in a more unified fashion. And they deliver a great version of POISON IDEA's "A.A." Lots of awesome things to this unlikely pairing. The songs on here are as follows:


1. Peste Catolica

2. O Fim

3. Muletas

4. Ainda Escravos

5. Politicos Maldito

6. Seu Funeral Sera

7. Campos Da Morte

8. Inimigos Por Natureza

9. So Os Mortos Nao Reclamam

10. So Me Resta O Odio

11. Confie Em Voce

12. O Novo Grito

13. Para Morte Nuclear

14. You Laugh


15. Embellish In Burns

16. Graves Of Glory

17. Resuscitate

18. Host Of Sorrows

19. Tragic Serenades

20. A.A.

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