Wednesday, December 25, 2002

The Class Assassins "State of Emergency" CD

This is the Class Assassins first full length release. Once again this comes out on Insurgence Records and is the label's 16th release. The band recorded this at Vespa Studios which is a different studio than the first two releases. Vespa Studios is a studio that had just recorded Billy Talent and Rush's cover album. The important thing about this studio is that they still recorded on 2 inch analogue. Bruce McGee from the Forgotten Rebels recorded the session. "State of Emergency" contains re-recorded versions of songs from the demo like "Uprise", "The Class Assassins", "Hard Times", and "Urban Rebel".

A new version of the single "No Justice" which had just come out as a single. The release would become known for new songs like "For the Kids" and "Without Warning".

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