Sunday, December 30, 2001

Class Assassins "No Justice" ep

This is the second ep by the Class Assassins, but the first with an intentional release. A new record label with an anti-fascist mission put this out and they are called Insurgence Records. "No Justice, No Peace" is a slogan taken from the anti-racist movement and has been reinterpreted here to threaten class war. Side 2 is a cover of an anti-war song written in the 60's by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter. It was a song I learned in grade school so it had a lasting impact that made it into school choirs. The song has a great message about greed and was covered on Direct Action's "Trapped in a world" LP. I think this is a fitting tribute to the bass player's old band by making it a B Side. The song has legs even today and is relevant in the class consciousness that the Class Assassins are going for. (Insurgence Records)

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