Thursday, April 13, 2000

Countdown to Oblivion "Brain Surgery for Beginners" ep

This was my second band. I was one of the singers along with Chris Colohon who did this between the Swarm and the Cursed. He brought in R.J. on guitar and Jaime Towns who had just moved back to the city after leaving Anti-Flag. But we wanted Jaime because Teen Crud Combo were such an awesome band and Jaime wanted to play in a man-core band. I was already working with Katie who was our guitarist and Bubby who was our drummer. Katie rocked the Slayer riffs and Bubby dropped a blinding pace beat. Gord from Deranged saw us at a show that we played in a warehouse he was living at with Yannick of Feral Ward Records. Gord was just starting up a label called deranged and wanted to reklease soem material from the demo. We went into Signal to Noise and brought in Patrick Scott from Chicago who did sound at the Fireside Bowl to record us. This was recorded on December 4, 1999 but was released in 2000. Bill Corbett did the artwork for us. Bill did a show for us in Kitchener on Good Friday and the artwork was incredible in a style that was being developed out of Gainesville at the time and graced the Combatwoundedveteran covers. Bill had moved to Gainesville to learn the style and agreed to make our first cover for us. I think it turned out amazinginly and took him hours if not days to do. The songs on here are:
1. The Way It Is
2. Take It Apart
3. Spray P.E.C.
4. The Fest Sex I Never Had

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