Saturday, March 14, 1987

Flyer - Saturday March 14, 1987

This tour happend a year later after SNFU had done done bacing vocals for the "Technocracy" 12". Chris Walter writes about the shows on and around this date in California on page 87 of "SNFU...What No One Else Wanted to Say".

"Opening for Corrosion of Conformity at Fender's Ballroom in L.A. on March 7th, SNFU was in a fine form. "Devil's Voice" was the first song out of the gate, with Chi pid deploying his signaure aerial leap for the amazed spectators. Launching himself from the kick drum with one foot, the singer shot =triaght for the ceiling, creating one of those gravity-defying moments oft captured on film. looking back at those famous photographs, the viewer cannot help but wonder how the singer could possibly have lept so high. Chi's distinctive voice carried over the thunder of guitars and drums like bagpipes on a battlefield, occassionally causing the skinheads and the Suicidals' gang to stop fighting for a moment. With the furious guitars ringing loudly, and the rhythm section pounding hard enough to crack conrete, SNFU provided the ultimate but unwilling backdrop for the testosterone-fueled violence.

After kicking around L.A. for a week, the boys hit San Francisco for a show at the On Broadway with Corrosion of Conformity on March 13th, 1987. Both bands played in Sacramento the next night, and then doubled back to San Fran for a date at Gilman Street Project on March 15th. "Gilman Street was awesome," recalls Brent. he also remembers that Chi Pig refused to accept a cassette from Tim Armstrong, who was currently in Operation Ivy. "I took the tape and told him I'd listen to it all the time. I probably still have it somewhere," says Brent, who has been known to hang on to things."

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