Wednesday, April 18, 1984

Asexuals "Be What you Want" LP

This was the first full length by this Montreal four piece. It was a raging slab of hardcore and rivalled SNFU as one of Canada's best new hardcore bands. The song 'contra-Rebels" was a little ambiguous in interpretation and led to Tim Yohannon of MRR calling out the band for being being mouth pieces of the new right. they weren't. The song was used irony with the chorus "We'll blow you reds away". Anyway we knew different. the record goit released on first Strike Records, which i don;t think released anything else. The songs on here are:

1. Be What You Want
2. Contra Rebel
3. Trash Zone
4. Mind Contraction
5. 3 Chord Speed
6. C.F.R.
7. We Seek No Glory
8. Too Slow
9. Asexual
10. Mr. Useless
11. Ego Trip
12. Iraq Iran
13. Mr. Rat
14. Weekend Alky

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