Wednesday, September 30, 1981

Zine - Schrik # 2

Schrik is a Toronto zine pulled together by Deanna and this issue came out in September 1981. The issue starts out with an editorial which explains why a local band named FATAL K.O. would move to Vancouver. Later there is a review section that hypes the "Vancouver Independence" compilation. There is also a great scene report disguised as a gossip column. There is an article that explains what fanzines are. There is a bio piece on a band from Edinburgh called Another Pretty Face and posthumous one on the Mods. This zine also has the first interview that I ever read about the Young Lions. There is a part 2 of an interview with L'Etranger. there is a show review of Stiff Little Fingers and one of the Viletones during their rockabilly phase. there was also an interview with someone trying to make a film around the Young Lions. And there is a section on self-publishing authors from Toronto like Stuart Ross and Crad Kilodney. Thanks to Dhaibid James for loaning us this so we could scan it.

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