Sunday, February 18, 2024

Radio : EXD 1291 - Sunday February 18, 2024

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On this edition of EXD, some new release crate digging which showcases Arret, Klaptrap and Jug. As part of our Black History Month programming we have put together a set of punk bands covering Bob Marley covers and a set of punk bands playing reggae. We speak with the curators of Heavy Metal Karaoke in St. John’s. Our demo feature is also from St. John’s - a spanish speaking band named Desperta. And we get to speak with Otto Buj - the filmmaker for Dope, Hookers and Pavement about his film and the upcoming screening at Innis Town Hall next Sunday. 

Mojo Nixon passed away on February 7th. Mojo Nixon played psychobilly which is music that fuses rockabilly with punk and probably his best known song is “Elvis is Everywhere”. I played a song that I saw him perform at the University of Buffalo while opening up for Butthole Surfers. 

MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER - (I Ain't Gonna) Piss In No Jar 

Interview with Otto Buj
Interview with Otto Buj (CIUT) 
BORED YOUTH - Here we are (Alona’s Dream
Interview with Otto Buj (CIUT) 
DVD or stream available at 

New Releases (Christian)
ARRÊT - What Do We Know (1753
KLÄPTRÄP - Selfish Bastards (Self-released)  
BRAIN ITCH - The Future Burns (Self-released)  
JUG - My Bodies Doomed (Neon Taste)  
ALIEN NOSEJOB - The Executioner (Anti Fade)  

Bob Marley covers 
A new movie has come out about Bob Marley called “One Love”. February 6th was Bob Marley Day celebrating Bob Marley’s birth. February 3rd saw the passing of the Wailers bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett. There is too many things suggesting we needed to look into punk bands that covered Bob Marley. 

THE ROUGH KUTZ - Punky Reggae Party (Randale)
SMZB - Redemption Song (Maybe Mars / Wuhan Prison) 
HALF PRICE - Iron Lion Zion 
BOBBY RAMONE - I Don't Wanna Stand Up  
BBQ CHICKENS - Buffalo Soldier (Pizza of Death

Reggae covers 
ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Love of Common People (Cleopatra) 
THE MEMBERS - Night Nurse (Cleopatra)
RUTS - Jah War (Virgin) 
DOA - War in the East (Sudden Death) 
YOUNG LIONS - One brick at a time (Schizophrenic) 

Heavy Metal Karaoke (Stephen) 
THOR - Anger 
Interview with Susan Marie and Vicki King
RAZOR - Death Race 

Demo Feature 
DESPERTA from St. John’s, NL sing in Spanish. This is a new recording 

DESPERTA - Veneno (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Autoestima (Self-Released)
DESPERTA - Complices (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Mundo Oscuro (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - No Esperes Nada (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Mirar Dentro (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - Peor Enemiga (Self-Released) 
DESPERTA - La Salida (Self-Released)

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