Sunday, January 29, 2023

Radio : EXD 1237 - Sunday January 29th, 2023

On tonight’s show we have lot of new release segment features. A local show review from Andre leads to a suggestion on how to bring the scene together. We have some archival digging which includes a feature on Riot City records, a D-Beat feature and a Fastcore feature. And the last feature is a demo feature by a band called Hollow point who got played twice on last week’s show so we are itching to feature it. Download the show here


New Releases (Chris) 
D-VOMITO - Bastardo Nuclear (Distro Cefalia)  
GEVES/גבס - Not Worth It\לא שווה (Self-Released)  
TERMINAL - Κατάσταση Εκτάκτου Ανάγκης (Terminal)  
ARTIFICIAL JOY - Wave Linguistics (Shit Kicker / Break the Records

Old and New (Rob)
CHINESE JUNK - Fuck You, I’m Broke (Big Neck
TST - 6 Million Slaughtered Bodies (Modernes Pop) 
THE BOBBY LEES - Death Train (Ipecac) 
SPIRITUAL CRAMP - Here Comes More Bad News (Self-Released
GRAUZONE - Eisbär (Zandra

Toronto Style Show Set (January 20, 2023) - Andre
SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE - Sov Style (Self-Released)
MILE END - FCHC (Self-Released
BROKEN VOW - Your Fate (Sunday Drive) 
EXCIDE - Two of a Kind (New Mortality Zine
COHEZION - Distorted Vision (Self-Released)

Fastcore (Chris) 
DESMILE - スラップダウン (MCR Company)  
VICIOUS THREAT - Lions Club (Rawmantic Disaster / Burning Anger)  
XSPIG - Stressed Out (Self-released)  
CHURCHGOERS - Left Blind (11PM / Static Shock)  
REEK MINDS - Agenda (11PM)  

New Releases (Stephe) 
POWERPLANT - Broodmother (Static Shock) 
ROTARY CLUB - American Tower (Iron Lung)
BEŁKOT - Obojętność (Self-Released)

D-Beat (Chris) 
BLACK DOG - Flowers Weep (Sore Mind / Fuzzed Attrocities) 
MUECO - Leaders of the End (Fuzzed Atrocities) 
LANGUID - Centuries of Bloodshed (D-Takt & Råpunk

Riot City Records feature 
Bristol-based label set up in late 1980 between punk band Vice Squad and Heartbeat Records "for the release of music from bands in the second wave of punk". The first few releases are VICE SQUAD so let’s start this look at by playing them. 

VICE SQUAD - Living on Dreams (Riot City) 
T.D.A. - T.D.A. (Assembly) 
ABRASIVE WHEELS - Burn ‘em Down (Riot City)
CHAOS UK - Four Minute Warning (Riot City) 
CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Anarchy In Woolworths (Riot City) 
ULTRA VIOLENT - Crime For Revenge (Riot City) 
THE EXPELLED - Government Policy (Riot City) 
THE EJECTED - Have You Got 10p (Riot City) 
NO CHOICE - Nuclear Disaster (Riot City) 
THE VARUKERS - All Systems Fail (Riot City) 

Demo Feature 
HOLLOW POINT is a band that was just released on the tape label Slow Death. Last week we played the band twice by accident which demonstrates how great minds think alike. 
HOLLOW POINT - Hollow Point (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - Ignorance (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - Art Coward (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - See You Suffer (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - Culture Shock (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - Tough (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - Injun (Slow Death) 
HOLLOW POINT - Back Against the Wall (Slow Death) 

SHUTDOWN - Borrowed Time (Self-Released) 
SECTION 46 - Different this Time (Self-Released)

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