Sunday, June 19, 2022

Radio - Sunday June 19, 2022

On tonight's show, a tribute to Vinnie Value. More pride programming. More Hammer City noise. More Mendeku Diskak. More New material. More Victoria bands’ in the demo feature. And a quick interview about the opening of a new local punk record shop…..called Emissions Records. Download the show here.

UNSANITARY NAPKIN - TERF War (Always Never Fun / Limbless)    

Profile on Emissions 
MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat (Dischord)
Interview with Dave Stevenson 
BUZZCOCKS - Harmony in my Head 

LA GACHETTE - Instinct De Tuer (PILS)
YELLOWCAKE - Eradicated Peace (Self-released
BOSQUE ROJO - Laberinto (Discos Enfermos) 
SQUANDER - Not An Option (Self-released
ABSOLUT - Kill Your Illusion (Self-released
Hamilton #4 - Grant Coates 
LEFT FOR DEAD - Standing By (A389)
SNAKE CHARMER - Powder Burns (Schizophrenic
SNAKE CHARMER - I'm Not Responsible, You're Not Responsible (Schizophrenic
SNAKE CHARMER - Flip The Bird (Schizophrenic
SNAKE CHARMER - Boots & Hearts (Schizophrenic
NAAMAHK - Product of Sin (Death Mask Tapes
THICK PISS - Fear Boner-Firemen (Self-Released)
STAY DOWN - Caved In (Self-Released)

The Value of Vinnie - Vinnie Value Tribute 
WARZONE - United Worldwide (Victory
NRSV - Olde-E (Striving For Togetherness) 
CAUSE FOR ALARM - Beyond Birth and Death (Victory
KILL YOUR IDOLS - Can’t Take It Away (Blackout!
GREYAREA - Reminder (Victory

LGBTQAI2s programming 
PINK PANZER - Stick in the Mud (Chapter Eleven
TOILET BOYS - Paul Stanley (Was A Lady) (Squeeze Box) 
TRANSEX - Cops Are Gay (White Zoo)
EASTFIELD - Glad to be Gay (Rowdy Farrago)
SAVAGE BELIEFS - Pink Shirt (Wasteland)
Mendeku Diskak 2022 
KOLPEKA - Nagusikeri Faltsue (Mendeku Diskak
BRUX - Bullet (Mendeku Diskak
ARESI - Bat Hiru Bat Bi (Mendeku Diskak
SELF-INFLICT - “Your Choice” (Mendeku Diskak
MESS - Traidores (Mendeku Diskak

New releases 
BAD MOJOS - I Wanna Be Dead (Voodoo Rhythm)
BURNER - Love City (Self-Released
LOST LEGION - Bridging Electricity (Self-Released)
WINTER WOLF - Blue Lights (Self-Released)
GENTLEMEN ROGUES - Black Film (Snappy Little Numbers/Rocket Heart
JUDY AND THE JERKS - Blight Makes Right (Refuse) 
RECKLESS THREAT - Yellin' In My Ear (Coffin Curse
BORIS THE SPRINKLER - Ready, Steady Go! (Just Add Water
MIKEY AND HIS UKES - Alternative Ulster (Self-Released
Demo Feature 
Chris talks with Bryan of Victoria, BC’s Dispösal about their December 2021 demo on slow death records. 
DISPÖSAL - Mutual Constraint (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Coercion (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Observator Infinitor (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Standard Issue (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Stagnant Water (Slow Death
DISPÖSAL - Stress Dream (Slow Death)

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