Sunday, January 2, 2022

Radio - Sunday, January 2nd, 2022

Tonight we pay tribute to Tony Brighton who was in the Ugly, Circuit Breaker, and ZRO4. We continue our look at 2021 with more top 10 sets Christian looks back at LPs (Chubby and the Gang, Rata Negra, pols), Dave Stevenson takes us through his favourite eps (Taqbir, Blood Loss, Crown Court), and Stephe highlights his top ten Canadian releases (Bootlicker, Phane, Imploders). The demo feature is back with a release of one of the first Czech bands known as Radegast. Even though this demo was recorded in 1986 it has just been re-released as a collection. Download the show here


Tribute to Tony Brighton
Tony Brighton played in the Ugly, Circuit Breaker (Tyranna) and then ZRO4. He passed away at the beginning of December. A few of his band mates got together to tell us about Tony. We’re going to start off with Lyne who was the singer in ZRO4. Thomas Barnes, Mike Bambrick, David Joudrey, and Glen Milchem will join in.

ZRO4 - Gimme Attention (Punk History Canada)
ZRO4 - Blood (Chameleon)
THE MONKS - Skylab (Theme from the Monks) (Harvest)
Christian Overall’s top 10 Full Lengths for 2021
CANARY - Instant Wall (UCA)
CHUBBY AND THE GANG - Lightning Don’t Strike Twice (Partisan)
DESMILE - セルフィッシュ (MCR Company)
HOLOGRAM - No Longer Human (Iron Lung)
NANCY - When All Countries Fall In Luv (Erste Theke Tonträger / Neck Chop)
NERVOUS SS - Moral Disdain (La Vida Es Un Mus)
RATCAGE - Weapon Desire (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PÖLS - Despues De La Tormenta (Discos Enfermos / El Lokal / A-Z)
SARUSHIBAI - 孤独と云う名の疫病 (F.O.A.D.)
Dave Stevenson’s top 10 EPs for 2021
SIAL - Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Melawan (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TAQBIR (  تكبير) - Aisha Qandisha (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PUBLIC TRUST - Bored With You (ACTIVE-8)
BLOOD LOSS - Surviving Life in the Shadow of Death (Convulse)
DEATH SIDE - Daily Fighting (Break The Records)
DOLLHOUSE - This is Heaven (Toxic State)
EXIL - Melting Teeth (Armageddon Label)
CROWN COURT - Sect Fifty Nine (Rebellion)
Stephe’s Top 10 Canadian releases for 2021
10. TOTAL NADA - La Rabia (Discos Enfermos)
9. BRAIN ITCH - Hollowed Master (Self-Released)
8. KONFORM - The Infinity Ward (Self-Released)
7. BIG BROTHER - Riot Ain't Over Yet (Hating Hate)
6. DESTRUCTIVE - Another Strike (Sick and Twisted)
5. REAL SICKIES - Least Favorite of Mine (Stomp)
4. MILITARY MIND - Insurgence (Self-Released)
3. IMPLODERS - Keeping a Close Eye (Neon Taste)
2. PHANE - Final Act (Phobia)
1. BOOTLICKER - Divisive Pleasure (Neon Taste / Static Shock)

Demo Feature
RADEGAST is the first Czech Hardcore/Punk band and they were active from 1982 through to 1992. Their influences were bands like Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Battalion of Saints and Poison Idea. The first studio demo was recorded in 1986 and released on the bassplayer's label Rytmicka Mladez. These songs mapped the early era of the band and it is rough, violent stuff; short songs with aggressive female vocals and strong distorted guitar. Soon after the demo was recorded, Dana and Pavel left Radegast, rendering the band temporarily inactive. At last they found a new drummer and the band was once again a three-piece: Milan Jonsta on guitar and vocal, Jiri Proks on bass and Josef Jano on drums. Radegast played several great shows in this period, most memorable of which was the 1988 gig with H.N.F., where the audience was more cops than punx... Here is that first demo.

RADEGAST - Práce (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Hory, Doly (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Bobby Z Londýna (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Pověz, Žes Tam Nebyl / Vlajka Napůl Žerdi / Nálet (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Vyvrhel (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Pivo (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Budíček (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Bejrút (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)
RADEGAST - Zlý Den (Rytmická Mládež / Papagájův Hlasatel)

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