Sunday, July 26, 2020

Radio - Sunday, July 26th, 2020

This Artificial Dissemination song summarizes our first feature on the music of Portland. Portland is under siege from federal agents with reports of kidnapping, tear gas and other methods of trying to make protestors disappear which would be heavily criticized coming from other countries. So we start out with a spotlight on music coming out of the PDX scene on the frontlines at the moment. We also have a celebration of Chi Pig's life. And we finish up with a new demo feature from Toronto - Miss Thing. You can download the show here.


Portland - At the time of taping federal troops have moved into Portland and protests have escalated as this unwanted occupying force kidnaps protesters, attacks US citizens with tear gas, and the battle of the streets rages as part of Donald Trump’s political theatre to impress a re-election audience that he is the law and order candidate. In other countries when they make protesters disappear the government is characterized as an authoritarian police state. In honour of of the resistance movement standing up against police violence I put together a set of PDX punk.

CHARTBUSTERS - Portland Belongs To Us (Self-Released
DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Leaders Don't Speak (Black Water)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - No Peace (Feral Ward)
RETIREMENT - Priced Out (Iron Lung)
PRESSING ON - Blocked By A Wall (Self-Released)
GENOGEIST - Cosmic Vortex (Self-Released)
TRAGEDY - Deaf and Disbelieving (Tragedy)
POISON IDEA - Beautiful Disaster (Southern Lord)
RAW NERVES - Weapons of the State (Man in Decline)
MONGOLOID - Mongoloid Part 3 (Deranged)
INTERCISION - Their Names (Self-Released)
CLITERATI - Alt-Wrong (Tankcrimes)
ERA BLEAK - Tinderbox (Dirt Cult)

SUBSISTANCE - Get Off My Case (Self-Released)
CHRONIC ABUSE - Civil Society (Amok / SFR Hardcore)
COLONY DROP - Master of Space Combat (Self-Released)
KTO UKRADŁ CIASTKA - Butapren (Refuse)

Krzysztof Siasiek Szymański from KTO UKRADŁ CIASTKA passed away this week. First band to be released on Refuse Records. Refuse is working on a collection of their material. This is a song from a live recording from 1993.

BULLSHIT DETECTOR - Shit-Sandwich (Clockwork Punk / HoM)
ALL HITS - Easy Killer (Iron Lung
ISS - Too Punk For Heavy Metal (Total Punk)
JIM BOB AND THE LEISURE SUITS - White Trash Rock (Polyester)
THE TELEFONES - Stop Rudy Stop (VVV)

13 BATS - Virus 187 (Potencial Hardcore)
CIOS - Один спільний голос - One Common Voice (83 Records)
NOT FOR SALE - You Own Nothing 
SILVERSTEIN - Smashed Into Pieces 
WEINS NO. 1 - Mein Herz Für Austria Wien

REIFER MADNESS - Never Stop the Riot (Self-Released)
NO TIME TO WASTE - Mister President (People of Punk Rock)
NO PAROLE - No Right of Way (Self-Released)
OFFSIDE REIDARS - I Can't Play (Hiljaiset Levyt / Roku)

Tribute to Chi Pig
I did an interview with Chi Pig from September 11th, 1987 which has been transcribed and posted up on the blogOn July 16th Ken Chinn passed away. I will forever know him as the singer with the huge leap, the colourful costumes, and prankster stage antics. To honour Chi Pig’s passing with thought we would put together a set of material by SNFU starting off with “She’s Not on the Menu”, one of the best known songs in punk addressing sexism.

SNFU - She's Not on the Menu (BYO)
SNFU - Visiting the Bad Again (Cargo)
SNFU - Time To Buy A Futon (Cargo)
SNFU - Costume Trunk (Epitaph)
SNFU - A Better Place (Epitaph)
SNFU - Bobbitt (Epitaph)
SNFU - Cockatoo Quill (Rake)
SNFU - Ashes (Cruzar Media)
Photo by Trent Nelson

"She's Not on the Menu" is one of the many anthems off of “...And No One Else Wanted To Play”. It was one of the first and best known songs addressing sexism. Up there with "Not Just Boys Fun" and put the listener in women’s shoes from an experiential standpoint. It was later re-recorded and they made a Dance Mix called “Dunce Mix” which they self-released as a single.
Chi Pig, 1986, University of Windsor, photo by Trent Nelson
"Time to Buy a Futon" is one of the better known songs from "Better than a Stick in the Eye" (1988). The song was partially made more popular by it’s inclusion on the fifth Thrasher comp that came out a year earlier called “Born to Skate”. So the song had a pre-release. The song is a clever jab at consumerism penned in two minutes.

"Costume Trunk" off of "Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes" (1993) was about the trunk Chi used to do costume changes on stage. But the song was also a metaphor for his sexual orientation which he would become more comfortable with being out. So in that way the song was autobiographical.

The song "A Better Place" depicts an old women who’s life has run its course. A reminder that life is short. I am putting that up as a pick for "The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed" (1995).

"FYULABA" (1996), but I thought "Bobbitt" was a good choice because it showcased Chi's sense of humour which often focused on weird observations. This song features Simon Head on keyboards.

"Cockatoo Quill" was another song written in two minutes with a cockatoo quill feather duster bought at a dollar store.

Lots of the information about Chi Pig came from Chris Walters' book "What No One Wanted to Say". You can find a copy here.
Demo Feature 
MISS THING from Toronto in our demo feature tonight. This came out in March of this year and is another project of Scooter’s. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

MISS THING - Ghost (Self-Released)
MISS THING - Barf (Self-Released)
MISS THING - Black Words (Self-Released)
MISS THING - Therapy (Self-Released)
MISS THING - Laughter is Life (Self-Released)

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