Sunday, November 10, 2019

Radio - Sunday, November 10th, 2019

THE DROWNS - The Sound (Pirate Press)

If you are a Toronto FC fan you are a little bit broken right now seeing our team lose to Seattle after outplaying them for most of the game in this afternoon's MLS Cup final and it reminds me of the cup final four years ago, but to be gracious losers I am going to start off with a set of bands from Seattle and surrounding area which included that opening track. Download the show here.

Seattle punk scene over the years
LEWD - Kill Yourself (Scratched)
REJECTORS - Go Die (Fartz)
THE FARTZ - Waste No Time (Fartz)
THE ACCUSED - Fucking For Bux (Condar / Unrest)
BROTHERHOOD - No Tolerance (Skate Edge / Southern Lord)
BIKINI KILL - Rebel Girl (Kill Rock Stars)
COLD SWEAT - Breaking You (Rock and Roleplay)
THE BRIEFS - No More Presidents (BYO / Lollipop)
COP ROT - Negative Nancy (Self-Released)
BRICKLAYER - The Forge (Self-Released)
CRUCIAL CHANGE – Solidarity (True Color)

DUMP HIM - Dykes To Watch Out For (Musical Fanzine)
DOTX3 – Alone (Irrk Products)
EX-WHITE – BeachBoyKiller (U-Bac)
DRILL - Happy People (Self-Released)
CEREAL KILLER - Your Punk Scene Can....It (Drunken Sailor)
LADRONA - Gritos Y Silencios (Self-Released)

SIX SUNDAYS - At The Intersection of York and Figueroa (Self-Released)
CONTENDERS - The Heat (Self-Released)
KIRA JARI - Is It Noticeable? (Dirt Cult)
MEAN JEANS - Basement Animal (Fat Wreck)
BOTHERS – Brain Matter (Dirt Cult)

GLUE TRAPS - Nuke D.C. (To Live a Lie)
UNSANITARY NAPKIN – Big Freedom (Self-Released)
GEORGE CRUSTANZA – Consumed (Self-Released)
TRASH - Crucial Looks (...So This is Progress)
CUTRE - Lobotomizan tus ideas (Self-Released)
DOUBLE ME - Perpetual Motion (Self-Released)
LIFES - Uninformed Electorate (Complacently Eating Shit) (Triple Eye Industries)

Top 10 – October 2019
10. RULES “…Was It Six or Five Shots” - Day In Day Out (No Spirit / Mad Schnauzer / Hardcore for the Losers / Dhpak47)
9. THE BEEKEPERS “Song Demos”- Endless Spiral Notebooks (Self-Released)
8. DOMAIN “Retreat” ep - Feeding (Refuse)
7. MATERIAL “Leather” - Substance Abuse (Material Products)
6. EX-CESS “Osiguranje Zivotne Vecnosti” LP - Monopol (Ill in the Head)
5. EAT MY FEAR “Taking Back Space” ep - Fight Back (Refuse / Emancypunx)
4. LA URSS “Nuevo Testamento”- Curva de Consumo Ascendente (Discos MMM / Humo / Todo Destruido / Hardcore Detonation / La Corporacion)
3. SNUFF “There’s A Lot of it About” LP - Kings of Spanish oi Scene (Fat Wreck Chords)
2. WALLBREAKER “Democracy Dies” LP - Slow Burn Slow Death (Refuse)
1. ONA SNOP “Geezer” LP - Bottom Feeder (Here and Now / No Bread / Rip Roaming Shitstorm / Lixiviat)

WOLFBRIGADE - Narcissistic Breed (Southern Lord)
CHOW LINE - Hazard (Edger)
Motron - Todo Modo (Nuclear Chaos / Up the Punx / Angry Voice / Missing the Point / Bologna Punx / Disastro Sonoro)
Ohyda – Atom (La Vida Es Un Mus) - Poland
ROTTEN FOXES - Over the Ropes (Self-Released)
COMPRESSIONS - Cease and Desist
BLIX - Future Tense

Demo Feature
HELLBENT from Hamilton have a release out called “Dead off the Floor”
HELLBENT – King (Self-Released)
HELLBENT – The Worm’s Turn(Self-Released)
HELLBENT – Bleed (Self-Released)


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