Sunday, April 15, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 15th, 2018

It's the middle of April and we got hit with the worst ice storm I have ever lived through. It was like walking with a temper tantrum just to break through the snow and ice just to walk to the studio. So I started out the show with some punk songs about winter and storms. Download the show here

FROSTBACKS – White Out (True North)
NOMEANSNO - Til I Die (Wrong)

CHRON GEN – Puppets of War (Gargoyle)
HAZARDOUS WASTE – Destroy (Schizophrenic)
THE OATH - Shores of Beirut (Youth Attack / Gloom / Coalition)
SCUMRAID - Tsar-Bomba (Iron Lung)
DIRECT ACTION - Angels of Death - Damn-Age (Bitzcore)

SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE - Retarded Metalhead (Raw ‘n Roll Rex)
WITCHTRAIL – Hammer on the Hearse (Beach Impediment)
CHRIST AIR – Cause of Death (Self-Released)
BRAND NEW UNIT – What About You 
PEST CONTROL - Late Night, Red Eyes (Self-Released)
DISSENT - Violent Protest (Faith, Hope and Charity)

TOPSY TURVY'S - All Roads Lead to You (Jerk Off / Ratgirl)
PLAN DE FUGA – Lxs niñxs salvajes 
THE TOY DOLLS - Tommy Kowey's Car (GBH)
FASHIONISM - Nun of That (Dirt Cult)
CAPITALIST KIDS - Anti Immigrant Song - It Takes a Village (Brassneck / Eccentric Pop)
THE VIBRATORS – Dirty Games (Pledge Music / Cleopatra)
SECRET V's – Empty (Friends)

JOY DIVISION - They Walked in Line (RZM Productions)
KRYZYS - święty Szczyt (Zlota Skata)
VIVID NIGHTMARE – Degradation (Dogs and Vultures)
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY - Into the Void (Pseudo Laboratories)
BUNNY AND THE LAKERS - Cops on Parade (Self-Released)
SBSM - Your World (Thrilling Living / Remote Outposts Analog)

THE GLORY STOMPERS – Waste (Disturbance)
CRUCIFIX - How When Where (Corpus Christi)
BARCELONA - Un Último Ultrasonido (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ARMS RACE - 24 Hours (Painkiller / La Vida Es Un Mus)
COMBAT KNIFE – Joker (Warthog Speak)
KOSZMAR - I Na Co? (Self-Released)
VILE SPIRIT - Can't Relate (Quality Control HQ)

KUOLLEET KUKAT – Kuolemanpartio (Rat Poison)
Y.E.S. - Positive Propaganda (Lo-Fi Lo Life)
SCHLONG - Don't Stop (Bun Length)
CONTROL FREAKS – Karma (Slovenly)
AK 47 - Which Side Are You On (Self-Released)
DISSIDENTE - Black Bloc (Self-Released)

Damagers are a local band from Toronto and I came across them from a facebook show invite with a link to their bandcamp page. Their demo is great and we hadn't played them yet on the show so tonight is the night. 

DAMAGERS – Again and Again(Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – Gimme Damage(Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – No Fucking Thanks (Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – Indignation (Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – Parasites (Self-Released)

RASH - Midnight Crooner (IFB / Hawthorne Street)

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