Sunday, March 4, 2018

Radio - Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Last week we featured the first hour of an interview we did with Cynthia and Lucasta, the founders of the B-GIRLS, back in November. Tonight, we pick up where we left off talking about their hit “Fun at the Beach”.  Above is a photo from a recent Coney Island gig. Photo taken by Alan Rand. You can download this week’s show here.

B-GIRLS – Fun at the Beach (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-GIRLS - Two Hearts (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-GIRLS - Boys are Drinking (Bomp)
B-GIRLS - Angel Doesn't Shoot A Gun (Bomp)
B-GIRLS - Long Distance Love (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
BLONDIE –Atomic (Chrysalis)
STIV BATORS – Swingin a Go-Go (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-GIRLS - Who Says Girls Can't Rock (Bomp)

FUERZA BRUTA – Lavoro (Foreign Legion)
BARBED WIRE BRACES - Never Again (Self-Released)
NERVE BUTTON - Oh Well (Self-Released)
DADAR - P.A.R.E.N.T.S. (Self-Released)
STATUES - Nerve Damage (Deranged)

WEAK TIES - Nightmarish Era (Contraszt!)
KONTAKTA - Blood Junkies (Self-Released)
CAUSA - Rounding Up (Self-Released)
MOON BLOOD - Tear It Out (Self-Released)
NAKAM – Odour (Self-Released)
MARX BROS – Bezopen (Self-Released)
ANTIBODIES – Failed Attempt (Self-Released)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from France. They have a heavy TRAGEDY sound to them. Moody and crushing. They feature members who play(ed) in BETTER OFF DEAD, BLEAKNESS, and SYNDROME 81. You can download their demo from soundcloud.

MARÉE NOIRE – Peur sur la Ville (Destructure)
MARÉE NOIRE – Peine Perdue (Destructure)
MARÉE NOIRE – Deiture la France (Destructure)
MARÉE NOIRE – Marée Noire (Destructure)

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