Sunday, February 25, 2018

Radio - Sunday, February 25th, 2018

The B-GIRLs are a super important part of Toronto’s punk history. They were the first all girl band from Toronto, they remained independent keeping their own values with some rules that countered the sexist practices within the music scene at the time, and they wrote some of the best hits that came out of this scene. They were one of the first bands to leave Toronto and make it in New York. They toured with the CLASH. They got released on a label outside of Toronto (Bomp). At the end of 2017, the B-GIRLS released their old material on an LP called “Bad Not Evil” and they played a show in Toronto. We got to speak with Lucasta Ross and Cynthia Ross (not related although that is debatable) when the B-Girls played last year. This is part 1 of the interview we did back in December. Download the show here.

B-GIRLS – B Side (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
THE GO-GOs – Can’t stop the World (I.R.S.)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
THE CURSE – Aggravation (Other People’s Music)
B-GIRLS – Jealousy (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Schoolgirl Hitchiker (Ugly Pop)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-Girls – Hearts in His Eyes (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-Girls – Heartbreaker (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT)
B-Girls – Chinese Rocks (Bomp)
B-GIRLS – Interview (CIUT) 

Top 10 - February 2018
10. INTERCISION – Disbelief (Self-Released)
9. ROSY - Moving Wall (Self-Released)
8. FINISTERRE - Crucial Times (Self-Released)
7. JUST BUSTED - Auditory Boom (Self-Released)
6. KALIK - Black Brain (Self-Released)
5. SLOW FACTION - Under Heavy Manners (Self-Released)
4. HARAM – Not a Terrorist (Self-Released)
3. INNOCENT - Beyond Control (Self-Released)
2. BOOTLICKER – Submission (Self-Released)
1. CRACKED EYE – Volatile (Self-Released)

There is a great interview in the March 2018 issue of MRR about ISS, who are from North Carolina. Daniel from Sorry State is releasing an ep by them and took the time to get into their heads about their cut and paste approach of making music with a sampler. Using hip hop approaches to song making the band has applied this to punk and as a result you get song titles that sound like in-jokes. It’s a new application of song writing methodology and a cassette has been released called “Endless Pussyfooting” so we featured this on tonight’s show. You can find “Endless Pussyfooting” on bandcamp.

ISS – Intro (Self-Released)
ISS – It’s a Chore (Self-Released)
ISS – The Government is After Me (Self-Released)
ISS – Endless Drip (Self-Released)
ISS – Still Puttin’ on the Blitz (Self-Released)
ISS – Infinite Just Laugh (Self-Released)
ISS – penISS Envy (Self-Released)
ISS – Part Time All the Time (Self-Released)

ISS – Hot Boi (Self-Released)

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