Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Alien Boys studio 3 session

Alien Boys are a great new band from Vancouver and released a 7 song recording called "Self-Critical Theory".

I found their recording through the MRR review on their bandcamp page. Then Erin wrote me about them coming on tour and I knew her from the Rebel Spell and hadn't realized she was in the band so it was a happy coincidence. Alien Boys worked this session into their schedule and we worked on a few new songs, a few songs from this recording and some improvised IDs. 

So the band also features Sarah on vocals, Erin and Alex on guitar, Megan on bass, and Lindsay on drums. The members came to talk about how they came to join Alien Boys. We get them to talk about their songs in depth, their influences, their name, their scene, Vancouver and a myriad of other topics. You can hear the two parts of the interview here. 

Part 1
Part 2

The songs recorded include:

Self-Critical Theory
Just Another Piece of Acid


This session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson in the CIUT Hallway. More photos can be found on our facebook page.

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